Key Verticals

Industrial Manufacturing

Often complex environments with extensive safety and installation concerns. Fixtures typically more rugged to meet intense demands.

Class A Office

Typically retrofit projects focusing on maximizing energy savings through integrated controls. Installations often overnight to reduce impact on customer.

Warehousing and Logistics

Focus on high energy savings and use of controls. Typically the most aggressive paybacks in the industry.


Focus is primarily on customer experience and aesthetics. Savings are generated through selecting appropriate technologies and pairing them with integrated controls.


High demand for interior and exterior light levels and color rendering. Goal is often to bring exceptionally high light levels outdoors to effectively expand the sales floor.


Multi-location portfolios that require high levels of coordination across multiple geographies. Often include both interior and exterior fixtures with an eye towards safety and security as well as aesthetics.

Cold Storage/Food Distribution

Highly sensitive facilities that require experienced installation teams with full FDA food safety experience. Fixture requirements are specific and typically require insulated housings with wash down capability.

Fitness Facilities

24x7 operation provides aggressive financial case for retrofit. Fixtures typically LED and can be made to fit the industrial look that many fitness facilities desire.

Parking Facilities

Focus on safety and security with an emphasis on maximizing savings through daylight harvesting and custom dimming.

Student Housing

Integrated monitoring solutions allowing landlords to better track tenant utility usage.

Medical Facilities

Massive energy reduction on 24 hr. facilities. State of the art systems incorporating “Light and Health,” with an ability to coordinate installation to minimize impact to patients.